Monday, July 30, 2007

I need to write

I can't write. I have writers block. But I have to write. Because journalists write and I'm learning to be one so I need to write too. So I'm writing.
Ok, this sucks. Lets try again. Goa seems to be a good topic since thats the only thing I know about. Actually, I don't know much about that either. I haven't really been out clubbing much so I know less about the night life than a nun. And when I got to IIJNM, every time I introduced myself, I'd say "Hey! I'm Dielle from Goa". Then there'd be the double takes. Obviously, I'm from GOA! The place to be. But then, there'd be a question mark replacing it - "What's your name again???" Whatever!

1 comment:

lookwhosback said...

sabeel...its not a writers block anymore...its a bloggers block...