Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Make-over!

It all started with an "Are you free?"

I've never really dressed up....ever. My current make-up kit consists of a lip gloss and cream (which I use for my face as well!!). The lip gloss I reserve for the 'special occasions' - Christmas, Easter, maybe the odd date(when did THAT last happen?!?); cream for the days my skin starts to peel. My face has never warmed to lipstick (all those school concerts were disastrous) and I havent seen the logic in sticking some black stick up your eye for the 'desired effect'. It's the plain-Jane look that's been mine and people have come to accept that.

Except when they need to release a little creativity. Leah has a great choice in clothes, and when she dresses up, she turns heads. She didnt have much to do today, and wanted to experiment with my hair. Now, I've just cropped my hair pretty short, and its quite uncontrollable. I suffer from bad hair days 5 days out of 7, and I dont really care. Last sem, Sohini decided she wanted to cut my hair and I let her. This sem, Leah wanted to play around with it, so what the heck?!?

When she got started, her tools consisted of a brush, comb, hairdryer, and irons. I've never had my hair ironed and I trusted Leah when she said "its going to be ok". Jesus, its scary to have such a hot thing nearly pop the zits on your face every time it passes by. What if I ended up with singed hair? I'd have to shave my head and look like the sanyasi with the wierd dome. Thankfully, I didnt get the smell of burning hair, so I stopped cringing every time she touched it. She stopped and ran out of the room. Returned with a couple of boxes of gunk she called hair serum and wax. Whatever! It didnt feel all that bad.

When she was done, I had a look in the mirror. It was really neat! Clean, straight and very smart. Then she decided to get a little funky and blow dry my hair. That was exciting! You get the 'just-outta-bed' look which I looove. Unfortunately, in came Sohini with an "ohmigod!! That is so amazing!" After a while, she had to go on "Just do this. Scrunch up your hair. Mess it up. Do that....blah blah." So we did. Trust my verdict: it was amazing! Messy, screaming wild. I wish they did it for something, maybe a club.

And I thought they were done. But no! It couldnt stop there. Not when the guinea pig is tied down between two eager beavers with nothing to do and too much make up in their kits. So they took turns to grab their kits while the other held me down.

It started with this odd fat pencil like thing the colour of light mud. Leah put it in splotches on my face and then rubbed it down. If I thought that was it, boy was I in for a rude shock. A powder puff nearly suffocated me (surprisingly with nothing on it). Then came the eye thingy! Now, THAT was scary. How would you enjoy it if it feels like someone's trying to shove something in your eye? Not good, it does not feel good. Well, Sohini had something white, then something black. I began to think I'd end up with zebra eyes. Not being allowed to see what you look like while people have a go at your face is nerve-wreckingly scary.

Well, they also decided to add some stuff on my cheeks and chin and nose. Now I was so sure it'd be clown staring right back. Who but a jester wears horrid pink goo on their face?! And then they did it. They brought out the lip-stick! It was war. No one, no one gets to put that glop on my face. Never. I refused outright. Sohini said it was "only lip-gloss". Hell, it was lip-gloss! Lip-gloss isn't pink.......(is it?) They had their way in the end and I had to feel like I had plastic lips. Bleach!!

Finally, they said they were done. More like they gave up trying to do any more on such an impossible lab rat. But horror of horrors! Soho brought out her camera and started clicking pictures. "Do this", "stand here", "SMILE, for godsake!", "SHUT UP!! When she was finally done, I ate up the gloss and headed to the mess. I was famished. Trying to slip around corners, zip into the mess, serve and get out like a thief proved difficult. I was caught. But to my surprise, the response was unbelievably positive! They actually thought I looked human! I had to see this!

I sneaked a peek into the mirror. Where the hell was I? There was somebody else staring back, confused, shocked, and curious. Finally, that person smiled. Well, darn me after all! It was me. Dielle. Different....Nice. Actually good to look at. This wasn't bad. Not at all. And to think it all started with an "Are you free?"

Although I did wash off the goop on my face, I didn't wash my hair the next day!

Thank you Leah and Soho. You actually did a good job!! lol :)

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