Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Neonate Part II March 5, 2007

Welcome, to the world

Of the living dead

To a world over-anxious,

Underpaid and over-fed.

To a life that’s worth living

Not even in a womb

Everyone, everywhere is

In a personalized cocoon.

A dreary, bleak

And selfish world

Say ‘hello’ to the Butcher,

Baker and Churl.

To the psychos and nymphos

To a race of greed

To the sadists and hunters

That wait to see you bleed

Until you turn back with a vengeance

Revenge all you want to get

When lying dead at your feet

You realize their mission is what you just met.

Curses and mires

The world up in flames

Scaled models and toys

To play their deadly games

All alone and confused

Through this world you must grope

Till for peace and tranquility

With Death you will elope.

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