Thursday, August 30, 2007


I feel cheated. All the way to Kumbalgudu, lovely hostel, great people, edible mess food, interesting professors, and I feel cheated. Until two days ago, I thought I had magazine writing as my core course. This, according to me, meant I'd be learning to write articles and features for mags. Somehow, Kaur and co. have a different perspective on this one.
Initally, I had one core course and two electives. Suddenly, I've had to drop one of my electives because the credits would add up to more than what the non-mag/new media students would have. Now, with magazine as my core and International as my area of specialisation, I have just one elective in Health and Environment. Others have their core (newspaper/tv), plus area of specialisation, as well as two electives. What the hell does this mean? Logically, that I am now a newspaper student with magazine as my elective!!
All the way to Kumbalgudu, 2.5 lakhs in the IIJNM pocket, story ideas I do not get, cores that get changed into electives for 'credit management', and I feel cheated. Rightly so.


Itika Sharma said...

Hahahaha... No i am not laughing at what happened!!! I know its TOTALLY wrong and i understand how u feel... but i cant believe u were SO hurt that u put it on ur blog!!!!

It's ok girl, you can learn anything u want here... that's the best thing about this place... it doesn't only depend on what Kaur and co. want... it largely depends on how u wanna take it... if there's anything that interests u ... u can always go ahead and learn that!

Keeps ur spirits high! :)

Tifossi said...

Feels good to see someone care about the subjects allotted .. Reminds me of my school days now that Ive stopped caring abotu the shit we "learn" daily knowing that most of it is outdated crap and the guy teachin is a bigger moron than the ones in front of him.. SInce u feelin strongly abt the sub maybe ud do it out of ur own interest and I know thats extremely hard to do!