Friday, August 3, 2007

Five Point Someone

I've just finished reading Chetan Bhagat's "Five Point Someone". Every one I know told me the same thing - "Its an amazing book. Read it." I did read it. It was 'luvly'.(Haneef, in case you're reading!!)

The language wasn't something I expected. It was rather simple and brief. But then again, it was supposed to portray the thoughts of an ex-IITian, rife with "you know"s and "like"s and flowery language incomplete without asterisks. It surely isn't the kind of book I'd recommend to anyone trying to improve their vocabulary. I was looking for that and I didnt exactly find it, which is why I still write like a 5th grader.

The story....Well, there is no story. To give him credit, college/uni life is not a story. Its just a sequence of events (or in some cases, an uneventful sequence!) that describes how you spent some of the best (or in some cases, studious!) times of your life. Hari and co. did have a colourful college life and as with most books there are lessons to learn - stick by your friends, understand others, DO NOT steal the question paper....

It was a fun book to read. You pretty much identify with it. And for non-IITians, its a peek into IIT life - the not so hunky-dory part of it. The truth. The fact that world over, some professor or other decides you're not worth 2 pence and just for kicks gives you an 'F'; that no matter how good you were in school, you're just not good enough; that there's always someone better than you, there's always something you dont know; that friends can get you into shit just as soon as they can get you out of it.

Five Point Someone will never be my favourite book (although I havent read too many books!), but it is enjoyable.

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